Sunday, March 16, 2008

Praise the King Today

Today is Palm Sunday. It means more to me this Sunday than in the past because Joel and I started following the Christian calendar this year. Now we are more focused on the themes. It really struck me that Jesus is King and I'm compelled to praise him as I think of everything he is worthy to be praised for.

Joel gave the sermon today at church. It just seems right, when he is preaching. It brings both of us joy.

We are getting ready for some transitions. We are stepping out of leading worship at the Vineyard as we look at ministry jobs for Joel. I'm not sure what our church community will look like over the next months, which is just a bit unsettling. We have our hopes that Hollywood will work out in the end, but we are on the ride of waiting and wondering right now.

My end of the quarter R&B performance is Tuesday, so that will wrap up another quarter. I never thought I would enjoy studying and singing R&B, but the old stuff has gems of singing with soul! I have learned so much from the licks, ad-libs and feel, staying in the pocket (rhythm of the song). I've gained so much from studying "true" R&B (I'm not talking about the modern hip hop stuff). I feel like it's added more color and texture to my voice.

I'm starting to write some of my own songs and giving that some attention. It's amazing to me when I realize, I can actually hear something in my head and write the sheet music out so other musicians can understand it and play it. I can't do it as quickly as I hope to in the future. It takes me a while, but I've finally begun. I have that tool in my bag to pull out now:)

I'm not completely sure what will come out as I write, but I'm not going to worry about it, I'll just let it be what it is. The song I'm working on now is actually rather serious and has a bit of blues feel. I think of myself as being someone who writes about the many seasons of the soul. There are hard grieving seasons, so this song will probably relate to that best.

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