Monday, June 15, 2009

Birth Announcement

Claire Genevieve Larson

has arrived

June 16, 2009 at 10:52pm
8 pounds, 2 ounces, and 19.5 inches

When our little Claire came out from the womb, she came out with a fist first, which seemed to sum up the feeling in the room. Yes! We did it! Team Larson did it! The entire labor was an incredible experience. I will cherish those hard but wonderful memories forever. Joel was amazing! He just kicked into gear and knew exactly what to do, how to help me through my entire progression of labor, and to just jump in and bond with Claire right away.

I had my moments of self doubt through labor, and I can not even begin to imagine giving birth without Joel and our Doula (and friend), Polly, there. I had so much love and support around me! They were my backbone of physical help and encouragment. They were God's angels to me. The hospital staff was absolutely phenomenal, and even though I didn't expect it, our entire natural birth plan happened so perfectly that I still feel in shock at how well everything went. There were so mnay answered prayers down to the tiny details, that I am just praising God with joy! Giving birth to Claire was the most beautiful, and wonderful accomplishment for me as a woman. I am so happy!

Claire is precious, making sweet little sounds, staring at Joel and I. We all feel so connected. I keep calling her my little champ because she just seems so strong, and patient with us as we are new to all this parenting. She is taking to everything so well!

We are tired, of course, and time.... oh my, where does the time keep going? There are so many I want to call and share with, but I'm sleeping (recovering), trying to eat, or with Claire. We have been home now for a day, and it's very restful at home, so we are all glad to be home recovering and resting as much as possible.

We'll post more photos soon, and give updates:-) Thank you to everyone for your love, and support. For those of you who prayed for us, I am forever, forever, forever grateful. I only wish I could have let you all know things sooner, but God answered prayers! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we make these wonderful family transitions. God was completely, and is still with us. God's presence has been so sweet, and sustaining in our little family!


Bruce in Ohio said...

Magnificent! Joel and Elisha, she is beautiful--but there was never any doubt about that! ;-)

We love forward someday to seeing her in person! We are loving our grandson Sebastian, who is here visiting with us.


Bruce and Joan Edwards

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on beautiful Claire Genevieve! :)
We are so happy for you and so thankful that the birth went well. Thank you God! Have a wonderful time bonding as a family! All our love, Anja & Mike

Erin said...

Congrats you guys! She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Joel and Elisha! Praise the LORD, She's perfect! We are so proud of you, your faith, your courage, your love and your determination have shined through. We are so blessed to walk this journey of life with you. Finally, thank you for your continued love and service to the brethren during this most important time of preparation for Claire's arrival. We are so happy you're here, Baby Claire!
May the LORD's hand remain upon you all,
Love, Morsan & Carre'

Anonymous said...

Joel & Elisha,
We are so, so happy for you three as you begin family life. God bless you! You are covered in prayer. Love,
Mike & Sarah

Steve said...

Woooo hooo! Way to go you guys!

susannah said...

Yay- thrilled for you! So happy for you both! Parenthood is a wonderful journey!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! Elisha - Claire Genevieve is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you and Joel. So wonderful, so wonderful. :)

HUG to you!